McCain to appear on Letterman Show – after all

Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain is slated to make an appearance on David Letterman’s show Thursday, three weeks after he raised the ire of the generally mild-mannered host by canceling his scheduled appearance at the last minute, citing his decision to suspend his presidential campaign because of the financial crisis.

This doesn’t smell right,” Letterman said then, during a routine that only half appeared to be a joke. “This is not the way a tested hero behaves. Somebody’s putting something in his Metamucil.”

Letterman didn’t appear to buy the Arizona senator’s explanation for the cancellation, showing the audience a live feed of McCain preparing for an interview with CBS anchor Katie Couric.

What Letterman said at the time was – “Here’s what you do if you are running a campaign in the middle of an economic crisis and it’s about to crater.”

That was probably true and McCain’s tactical analysis flopped as badly as everything tried by the nutballs in charge of the RNC and his campaign.

Thing is, it’s probably just as true – now – about going hat in hand back to the Letterman Show.

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