Nebraska politicians uptight over 2nd out-of-state dump-off

A mother has driven for 12 hours across the US to abandon her teenage son in Nebraska, under a law allowing adults to leave children at state hospitals. The state’s safe-haven law prevents prosecution for abandonment.

But the head of Nebraska’s health and human services division said dumping children was not an appropriate way for families to deal with parenting issues.

The abandoned boy from Michigan, 13, is the 18th youth to be left since the law took effect in July. He is the second teenager from outside the state to be abandoned there. The first, a 14-year-old girl from Iowa, was returned home after being left by her grandparents.

The law is unique in that it allows any adult, not just parents, to drop off children of any age at any state-licenced hospital.

“I certainly recognise and can commiserate and empathise with families across our state and across the country who are obviously struggling with parenting issues, but this is not the appropriate way of dealing with them,” said Todd Landry, from the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.

The average political hack probably wastes more state funds reading the racing form on the clock – than the cost of dealing with a kid dumped in Nebraska by a strung-out mom.

The important questions are more like [1] why couldn’t she get some help back in Michigan? [2] what are the economic circumstances prompting this destitute flight? [3] why is our society turning full-circle back to “solutions” more appropriate to a Dickens’ novel than 21st Century America?

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