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India introduces solar-powered rickshaws

Overdue. Continue reading

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Pakistan’s Zardari looks to China for support

Bringing employment, trade, cross-cultural understanding is the only way to aid in building order and peace on this tired planet. Continue reading

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Afghan national forces hit by defections

Seven years of mediocrity is pretty hard to turn around towards success. Continue reading

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Mainstream news outlets relent – start linking to other sites

A couple of my favorite newspapers have so lacked this understanding, they’ve virtually left the Web altogether. Continue reading

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Swimming pool rescue – for a drunken pony

I’ll have to read the article to the horse next door. She’ll laugh – erm, whinny. Continue reading

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Oil watchdog agency run by a ‘cult of corruption’

No one has noticed a damned thing since Newt’s contract on American started. But, Bush figured out how to make it worse. Continue reading

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Pic of the Day

All of this was weed-covered dirt 10 years ago. Then, homeowners succeeded in banning cattle from the bosque. Continue reading

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The “Bradley Effect” is a last hope for losers

Polling can be more accurate than politicians would like to believe – or at least hope. Continue reading

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Buckley leaves National Review after Obama endorsement

Making a statement based on principles. Good for him! Continue reading

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British rubbish for recycling ends up in disused well in India

The automatic response from an ignorant politician is a lie. Continue reading

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