Google CEO Eric Schmidt endorses Barack Obama

Barack Obama and Eric Schmidt

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has made it official: He’s endorsing Barack Obama, and will hit the campaign trail for the Democrat this week, including at a Florida event where he will co-moderate a panel about the economy. Other Silicon Valley execs are expected to follow Schmidt’s lead.

Schmidt is a political moderate; for example, he spoke at Britain’s Conservative Party conference in 2006, according to the Wall Street Journal. He’s been an informal adviser to the Obama campaign on technology as well as green energy.

Schmidt has made it clear that it’s his personal endorsement, rather than Google’s. But there’s no doubt where Google employees stand: According to the Wall Street Journal, as of August 31, Google employees had given $487,355 to Obama’s campaign and only $20,600 to McCain’s.

Obama also agrees with Schmidt’s and Google’s official stand that the government should ensure network neutrality. McCain, the Wall Street Journal says, is not in favor of the policy.

I’m not the only geek who expected head geeks to become involved in the presidential race. I admit I’m pleased to see one of the heads of The Google endorse Obama.

And, after all, McCain has Carly Fiorina on his side.

2 thoughts on “Google CEO Eric Schmidt endorses Barack Obama

  1. jakepjohnson says:

    Its good to see that he’s allowed to say what he wants (from his own opinion) It seems that so many high-profiled people aren’t allowed to express an opinion through fear of making the company look bad or biased.

    Score one for Schmidt, Obama and Google!

  2. Cinaedh says:

    Just frackin’ great…

    If the CEO of Google likes Obama and especially if he’s funding Obama, I suspect we can all say goodbye to our last vestiges of personal privacy.

    For those idjits who say, “if you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear”, well…

    …those people will never have the capacity to understand, when you lose all privacy, you lose lots of other important stuff too…

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