L’Hydroptère gears up for wind-propelled record attempt

French trimaran l’Hydroptère is set to become the fastest wind-propelled boat ever after it reached a staggering 52.68 knots — almost 60 mph — in training for a world record attempt this month.

Although it was the first time a sailing boat has broken the wind barrier of 50 knots (about 93 kilometers per hour), l’Hydroptère needs to maintain an average speed of 51 knots over 500 meters to claim the new world “absolute sailing speed record.”

Skipper of l’Hydroptère, Alain Thébault, told CNN he would likely challenge for the official record in the “next few weeks,” depending on weather conditions.

Nine of the previous ten records have been set by kite surfers or wind surfers, so to have a large trimaran challenging for the crown was quite an achievement, Thébault said.

Bravo! Bon chance.