Brits use anti-terror laws in banking fight with Iceland. WTF!

Thousands of Icelanders are sending a message to Gordon Brown that they are not terrorists after the UK used terror laws to freeze their assets.

An online petition was launched this week following the UK government’s attempt to protect British savings in Iceland’s failed Landsbanki.

The petition has been signed by about 40,000 people and shows Icelanders with signs saying they are not terrorists.

Signatories to the petition have uploaded wry photographs of themselves in an attempt to show the absurdity of categorising an Icelandic bank as a terrorist organisation.

The photographs show ordinary Icelanders – including a fisherman, a baby and a man in a Father Christmas costume – holding up hand-written signs stating: “Mr, Brown, we are not terrorists.”

But despite the light-hearted tone of their protest, Icelanders are furious by what they see as the high-handed actions of the UK government, its implied slur on their national character and the dire consequences for the Icelandic economy.

Like most Americans, I imagine most Brits never paid attention to the crap “anti-terror” laws being enacted “on their behalf”. After all, if it’s against terrorists, it must be OK, right?

Wrong! The so-called Patriot Act in the United States has been used more often by local law enforcement to snoop and sniff around people the government doesn’t approve of – or just wants to nose around – than to actually bother someone interested in bringing down a democratic nation.

The clowns in government suits don’t need any help to do that on their own, thank you.

2 thoughts on “Brits use anti-terror laws in banking fight with Iceland. WTF!

  1. keaneo says:

    Yup. This is part of it all, as always.

    We sit out here worried over jobs and groceries. A very small number of people stand up to the creeps in charge over core freedoms. Crowd #1 is all surprised when crap like this happens.

    Of course, the Joe the Plumber crowd still doesn’t know this happened. They’re too busy watching some reality TV show or the World Series.

  2. Cinaedh says:

    I’ve noticed there’s the occasional, intellectually challenged American (that’s U.S. American, as opposed to all the other North and South Americans), who has publicly stated Canada should be considered a ‘terrorist state’ because we supposedly mollycoddle terrorists.

    I guess that’s based on a single terrorist, who many years ago tried to get across the border with dynamite but got arrested, convicted and placed in jail, pretty well forever.

    Even though Canadians are dying in Afghanistan, fighting terrorists, we’re all waiting for the so-called Patriot Act to apply to Canadians as well and we’re all busily preparing our own ‘innocence’ pictures and statements.

    Myself, I”m going to take a picture of me as a pirate, holding a sign saying, “I may be a pirate but I’m no terrorist!”

    Of course, the people who come out and say they think Canada is a terrorist state are generally just low-level Republican politicians, moronic Republican talk show hosts and washed up Republican columnists who apparently, against all evidence to the contrary, believe they are famous and somehow influential.

    Very soon, I believe these people will be as good as extinct but unfortunately, that damned Patriot Act will not.

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