Designer babies: does creating a more perfect child scare you?

Would you be comfortable selecting what cosmetic features you want your baby to have..?

Does this sound like a scary thought?

With rapid advances in scientific knowledge of the human genome and our increasing ability to modify and change genes, this scenario of “designing” your baby could well be possible in the near future…

British scientists last week developed a “genetic MoT” test, which offers a universal method of screening embryos for diseases using a new technique of karyomapping, which is more efficient than previous processes.

The test would be taken on a two-day-old IVF embryo and is yet to be validated, but it could mark a significant change; allowing doctors to screen for gene combinations that create higher risks of diabetes, heart disease or cancer…

Furthermore, the developing technologies of genetic alteration open up a whole new set of possibilities — which could result in so-called “designer babies.”

This could potentially irreversibly alter the human species. So, the obvious question arises: should we be doing this?

The Center for Genetics and Society is trying to encourage debate on the topic — as soon as possible.

Terrific article. Raises more questions than answers – for most folks. Which is exactly why they should be asked.

I’m already convinced of the libertarian side of the argument. I don’t agree with limiting the scientific and technical portion of the discussion because of timorous politics. Societies, big and small, will certainly press on and make whatever decisions they think adequate to the questions. No doubt, well beyond suitable limits – given our predilection for fear and trembling.

But, lets get started, folks. Hiding in the dark and cobwebs ain’t helping.

4 thoughts on “Designer babies: does creating a more perfect child scare you?

  1. moss says:

    We discussed this around the supper table, last night.

    We pretty much agreed with folks like the CGS, I guess. Scientists still should end up with the right to test and develop medical technology. Folks should still end up with the right to make choices.

    Our species has been hybridizing other species for centuries. Why can’t we fiddle around with ourselves? Aside from the superstition-based morality crowd, I think we can handle the ethical decisions as they come up.

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