Blue State Digital comes to the U.K.

The internet is widely accepted to have played a huge part in the election of Barack Obama. Now one of Obama’s web team is setting up business in the UK. Could the same thing happen in the UK?

If you did not look at Barack Obama’s website in the run-up to the US election, you might like to do so now before the excitement dies down. Not only will it tell you much about the man who is going to be president, it will also tell you much about how he did it.

It also happened because of the internet, according to Thomas Gensemer.

He is the founder of Blue State Digital, the strategy and software company which spearheaded Obama’s online strategy – and he says the knocking on doors, donations and talking to family and friends were all underpinned by the web.

Labour…is developing its web strategy, through a digital company called Tangent.

Its executive director Greg Jackson says there are big differences between the US and Britain – not least, that Americans know exactly when their elections will be held and can plan two years ahead.

He says online campaigning needs that long-term planning.

The article tells us a bit about Thomas Gensemer and his operation and what it brought to the Obama campaign. He’s in England offering to sell the same services.

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