Police in India arrest 9 from Hindu terrorist cell

Daylife/Reuters Pictures

For the first time in this Hindu-majority nation of 1.1 billion people, the police have announced the arrest of people who are accused of being part of a Hindu terrorist cell.

Police officials in western Maharashtra State said they had arrested the nine suspects and charged them with murder and conspiracy in connection with the bombing in September of a Muslim-majority area in Malegaon, a small city. Six people, all Muslims, died in the explosion, which was among a string of terrorist attacks in Indian cities in recent months…

Among those arrested by the police antiterrorist squad in Maharashtra over the past two weeks is a Hindu nun with links to the principal opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, and an army colonel, who is suspected of having supplied ammunition and provided training to the bombers.

The Indian Army has long viewed itself as being free of ideological or political bias, so the arrest of an army officer was deeply troubling to the military. “I can tell you that we are taking it seriously,” said the defense minister, A. K. Antony…

Officials in the Central Bureau of Investigation told reporters in New Delhi on Saturday that investigators had established a link between the Nanded group and the Malegaon bombing…

Dinesh Aggarwal, an inspector in the antiterrorist squad, said that the suspects were part of a larger conspiracy. “Their precise role will be known after the investigation is completed,” he said.

I preface my feelings about politics in India by admitting I know only historic generalities. My expertise in terrorism is something – gained over years – usually under accusation of supporting so-called terrorists fighting for national liberation against colonial rulers.

Above all, this means I’ve never supported military action against civilians. Something my own nation used to hold dear – a very long time ago. The foolishness of supporting sectarian politics, friends against enemies, whether religious or political definitions group combatants – only comes back to bite you on the ass, sooner or later.

Eventually, sectarian, anti-democratic sophistry comes down to supporting “your” terrorists or “mine”?

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