Cincinnati Police and community combine against gang

Some of the confiscated weapons

Something changed in Cincinnati this week.

In a city where police often find themselves begging eyewitnesses to come forward, this week, they have been inundated with solid leads and tips from the community on where to find members of a powerful gang.

The public came through in such huge numbers that phone lines at the police department were jammed with tips about the Northside Taliband. Some parents even gave up their own sons, saying it was time for them to face their charges.

The good citizens of Cincinnati run this city, not the Northside Taliband,” said Capt. Daniel Gerard.

By Day 2, in what police have dubbed the largest roundup ever of gang members, 26 people had been arrested, eight of them on gang charges.

Court paperwork unsealed Monday showed that 13 people are charged in a 95-count indictment. The group, which police say might number more than 90, is the most organized of any gang that police have ever seen here, they said. Some gang members had assigned jobs. Some were the thieves while others were the shooters. Some members are as young as 14.

Police say that by the time they are done, 50 members of the gang will be off the street – some possibly for life.

No dramatic innovations needed to end organized crime. Bust cops on the take. Build a community that considers a neighborhood without crime more important than Cousin Ernie’s gangbanger kids.

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