GAO report on Homeland Security incompetence

DHS Oversight Board

The Homeland Security Department has done a poor job overseeing the purchase of billions of dollars of equipment and technology since the agency was created five years ago, according to a federal report scheduled for release today.

Senior department officials have “not provided the oversight needed” to ensure that purchases “with important national security objectives” function properly and stay on budget, according to Congress’ Government Accountability Office (GAO)…

Oversight? From a government run by prayer and pundits?

Although previous audits have documented problems with individual programs, the GAO report is the first to review Homeland Security’s overall system of buying and maintaining $60 billion of new equipment and technology…

The report found that 45 of 48 major acquisitions were not reviewed regularly by a Homeland Security oversight board created to do the reviews. Fourteen of those projects had cost overruns, delays and shortcomings in how they functioned.

The GAO blamed oversight problems on insufficient Homeland Security staff and limited attention paid by senior department officials.

In other words, Homeland Insecurity has been run by incompetents with the attention span of a cricket.

That doesn’t let our elected hacks off the hook. There wasn’t a handful of Congresscritters ready and willing to challenge the absence of oversight. They’re all too busy playing to the most ignorant voters in the world. Perish the thought these weasels should or could provide leadership to a nation foundering in disinformation, fear and foolishness.

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