Yugo production slowly rolls to a halt

The last red Yugo – signed by all who worked on it
Daylife/Reuters Pictures

It’s the end of the road for the Yugo. Production of the car has officially ended after almost 30 years.

Apparently Yugos came complete with heated rear windows to keep your hands warm when the car needed a push – just one of many jokes inspired by its questionable quality.

The cars, which were named after Yugoslavia, are put together by hand as the factory couldn’t afford an automated system.

Outside there were once rows and rows of shiny models straight from the factory. Now there are only 150 new Yugos left for sale.

It was the cheapest car in the world until recently, costing around 4,000 euros. In the end the Yugo just couldn’t compete with more modern cars.

The Yugo factory is to be transformed and in future it will be making a brand new model for Fiat, something that has already been nicknamed here as the “anti-credit crisis car”.

Offer it with a diesel engine, I might consider one.

Yes, I know – I say that about almost anything with wheels. I’m just so pissed off that importers and distributors have the example before them of Toyota having to educate a market about something as radically different as a hybrid – and it succeeds – but, teaching people about diesel engines is too bloody difficult?

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