Unemployed autoworker? Volkswagen is hiring – in Tennessee

Megasite for Volkswagen Factory
Daylife/AP Photo

Amid a sluggish national economy and angst in the American auto industry, Volkswagen is ramping up construction of its $1 billion assembly plant in Chattanooga.

Just days away from pouring the project’s first concrete, about 50 VW, Hamilton County and state officials stood on a gravel pad Wednesday at what will become the plant’s body shop, eyeing the Enterprise South site.

“Everything’s perfect,” said VW Plant Manager Frank Fischer.

While an official groundbreaking ceremony won’t take place until January, Mr. Fischer said the paint shop will be the first building to be constructed, and it will be larger than planned.

We’re building it for 1,000 cars per day,” he said, adding the work is “coming along very well. We’re very happy about it.”

Despite a slowing American auto market, Mr. Fischer said VW’s board is dedicated to the Chattanooga project, which is to start vehicle production by 2011 and employ 2,000 people.

I know I bore you all when I say this – but, I wish they’d build me a mid-sized diesel pickup truck.

This award won’t do ’em any harm either.

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