Attacks on redheaded students investigated

Just in case you ever wanted an object lesson on how stupid your friends/children/kid’s friends are:

Thirteen high school students in Calgary have been suspended after a red-headed teen was beaten because of the colour of his hair. The Grade 10 boy was attacked in the locker room of St. Francis High School after gym class Thursday.

The victim was taken to hospital for examination, and a spokeswoman for the Calgary Catholic School District said Friday he sustained “some minor bruising” to his upper body.

CBC News has also learned that two red-haired, Grade 7 girls at St. Alphonsus Elementary/Junior High School were swarmed and kicked repeatedly by older girls on Thursday. Board spokeswoman Janet Sutherland said two students have been suspended in that case.

The attacks came on a day promoted by a Facebook group as Kick a Ginger Day. The Facebook group urged members to kick people with red hair — referred to as ginger kids — on Nov. 20.

The phenomenon appears to be linked to South Park, an animated TV show. An episode of the satirical show that originally aired in 2005 dealt with one character’s mindless prejudice against red-haired people.

Trouble is – you need really BIG signs and lessons accompanying satire – when it trickles down to idiots too dense to figure out what the satire is all about.

One thought on “Attacks on redheaded students investigated

  1. Cinaedh says:

    Has it occurred to anyone else either Darwin was wrong or we’re not doing this ‘natural selection’ thing quite right?

    As evidence, the only thing I have to cite is the current state of the world.

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