It took just 16 minutes to steal super-tanker

Pirates leaving a hijacked vessel in October
Daylife/Reuters Pictures

Pirates took just 16 minutes from boarding to seizing control of a $100-million laden Saudi oil super-tanker in the Indian Ocean.

The report also described the Sirius Star – with woeful defences, restricted manoeuverability and speed capacities owing to its 319,000-tonne oil cargo – as a lumbering prey for two speedboats carrying well-armed pirates also applying the element of surprise by operating well out of their normal range.

The Somali pirates approached the tanker, the length of three football fields, at 0648 GMT Saturday and were able to climb aboard using the simplest of rope and hook techniques.

At 0704 GMT, Britain’s Maritime Component Command centre in Bahrain reported that the tanker had been taken by the pirates.

Sounds like they could have been hijacked by the average wannabe gangbanger from El Paso.

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