Map redrawn by neocons – makes Pakistan uneasy

A redrawn map of South Asia has been making the rounds among Pakistani elites. It shows their country truncated, reduced to an elongated sliver of land with the big bulk of India to the east, and an enlarged Afghanistan to the west.

That the map was first circulated as a theoretical exercise in some U.S. neoconservative circles matters little here. It has fueled a belief among Pakistanis, including members of the armed forces, that what the United States really wants is the breakup of Pakistan, the only Muslim country with nuclear arms…

Pakistan, a 61-year-old country marbled with intertwining and often conflictual ethnic groups, is a collection of four provinces, which can seem to have little in common. Virtually every one of its borders, drawn almost arbitrarily in the last gasps of the British Empire, is disputed with its neighbors, not least Pakistan’s bitter and much larger rival, India.

If the Obama administration is indeed to convince Pakistanis that militancy, not the Indian Army, presents the gravest threat, it will not be easy…

Indeed, among ordinary Pakistanis, many still regard Al Qaeda more positively than the United States, polls find. Talk shows here often include arguments that the suicide bombings in Pakistan are payback for the Pakistani Army fighting an U.S. war.

The average American, talking head or civilian, doesn’t know about this crap. Neocon nutballs are so busy preaching to the converted, they rarely display their dementia before the public – except in terms of traditional red-baiting or racism at election time.

But, this crap is in print and cyberspace. You can be certain – as this article illustrates – segments of political life in the Middle East and South Asia are aware of imperial proposals. Just as the Brits and French organized the landscape to suit their “withdrawal” from colonial mayhem, everyone expects the United States to take their turn at being God.

RTFA. Interesting, useful, educational. All the things Right-Wingers hate.

2 thoughts on “Map redrawn by neocons – makes Pakistan uneasy

  1. moss says:

    I can’t imagine Iran being especially pleased over the land grab either.

    Keeping Americans ignorant is half the battle for reactionary politicians.

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