Chrysler white-collar workers overwhelmingly choose buyout

Overwhelming response by Chrysler LLC salaried workers taking buyout packages may be enough to avoid further layoffs. “We’re fairly certain we’ve achieved our target and won’t have to do any involuntary layoffs for the end of the year,” said spokeswoman Lori McTavish.

Thousands of white-collar workers chose to take packages and walked out the door for the last time Wednesday night. And while most will drop off the payroll as of Nov. 30, the high take rate has forced some departments to offer a temporary extension to select full-time and contract employees to get through the transitional month of December. A new restructured personnel plan is to go into effect in the new year.

All employees regardless of how many years they had with Chrysler, were eligible for a combination of money, car vouchers and some health care.


Of course, as the economy continues to disappear down the crapper, as America’s mid-western manufacturing base remains mired in the 1950’s – there’s no saying the layoff monster won’t reappear.

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