CNN shuts down science and technology department

CNN has decided to shutter its science and technology unit — a move that will result in the loss of seven jobs including veteran space correspondent Miles O’Brien…

The decision to do away with science-and-tech reporting as a standalone unit is an editorial one, not an economic one, the media company said. Instead, those stories will be integrated into other parts of the network, CNN spokeswoman Christa Robinson said. For example, the bulk of the network’s environmental coverage is part of Anderson Cooper 360’s “Planet in Peril” occasional series.

O’Brien, who joined CNN in April 1992, was CNN’s chief technology and environment correspondent. At one time he hosted a weekly science-and-technology show.

“In television news, a nearly 17-year stint at one shop is more than just a good run, it is an epoch. I can honestly say I have loved every minute of my time at CNN,” O’Brien said in a statement. “I see a lot of exciting opportunities — and I look forward to exploring what is on the horizon.”

CNN becomes less and less watchable by the day. From being the leading 24/7 news source in the United States, Time-Warner has emasculated and diminished all pretense at journalism.

Since my primary source for TV news is via DirecTV satellite – and they haven’t any more courage and integrity than CNN – I’m fortunate in having a decent broadband connection and an iTunes subscription to proper news channels via AppleTV into our living room.

One thought on “CNN shuts down science and technology department

  1. K B says:

    It’s really sad what’s happened to CNN over the years. I won’t even go into specifics; we’ve talked about this before.

    If you look at the “programming” that has replaced news, it says it all. Look at who they choose to be the face of CNN. It seems that almost every month there is another sorry excuse for entertainment showing up in the form of a new show, and it has nothing to do with covering the news.

    There are still a few bright spots, but I suspect that they are just candles waiting to be extinguished by CNN executives.

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