10 years later, school still sugar free and proud

The children in the cafeteria drink low-fat milk, shovel corn kernels on their sporks and munch on tuna sandwiches on wheat. One of the most requested vegetables at Brown Mills Elementary School is broccoli, according to its principal.

There are no bake sales here, no birthday cupcakes, no cookies or ice cream. Don’t even think about bringing sugar to Browns Mill Elementary School.

As schools around the country have begun removing soda and junk food from their premises, the elementary school in Lithonia, Georgia, was ahead of the curve, cutting out sugar 10 years ago under the watch of principal Dr. Yvonne Sanders-Butler.

“Childhood obesity, it’s our tsunami, it’s our Katrina,” she said. “If we’re really thinking about the best interests about the young people today, then we will take a stand.”

When students are healthy, they do their best work…” Sanders-Butler said. “We want to make sure we’re providing foods that will not only nourish the body, but also brain foods.”

Grades get better. Ability to learn increases. Health improves. The kids enjoy it.

Decidedly unAmerican.

2 thoughts on “10 years later, school still sugar free and proud

  1. K B says:

    I can still remember, back in high school, they did a survey to see what students liked most. My favorite meal was the chicken a la king. It finished DEAD LAST. What was number one? Hamburgers.

    So the result of the survey was that I lost my favorite meal. Hrmph.

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