UK housewives rule when it comes to time online

A survey of more than 27,000 web users in 16 countries has shown that the Chinese – as a nation – spend the largest fraction of their leisure time online.

However, UK housewives spend even more than China’s average – 47%.

Germans are the most likely to meet someone in real life that they first met online; more than three quarters have done so.

The study also found that the UK is the least trusting of information in its newspapers among the 16 countries…

And as for online socialising? On average across all countries, respondents had 17 online friends.

However, when asked the question “Have you ever arranged to meet in person people who you’ve met through the internet?”, Germans came out on top with a whopping 76% saying yes.

A further part of the study comparing online and traditional media and information sources showed national differences.
In the UK, online news sites are second only to friends as the primary source of trusted information; two fifths said they considered online news a “highly trusted” medium.

The UK was markedly less trusting of print media, with only 23% counting newspapers as highly trusted – roughly the same fraction who considered the Wikipedia site as highly trusted. At the top were Finnish respondents, who were some three times more likely – 69% – to describe their newspapers as such.

I have a couple of friends I would describe as “close” who I met online. One of those is my partner in crime in this website – K B – who I’ve never met. We live over a thousand miles apart and while I don’t think he travels much or often, I’m a bloody hermit.

That settles that, I guess.

3 thoughts on “UK housewives rule when it comes to time online

  1. K B says:

    “At the same time, online acquaintances are now perceived by most of us as real acquaintances.”

    These sorts of statements always amuse me. It’s like saying, “…online people are now perceived by most of us as real people.”

    By the way, what’s for dinner?

  2. Cinaedh says:

    One of the great things about online friends and acquaintances is even when you’re a hermit, you can drop lines like, “Hey, come on over for a beer! Anytime!” and as a general rule, you get to keep all of your beers because everyone lives so far away.

    When someone does show up as requested, the situation turns out to be both highly gratifying and oddly terrifying.

    It’s gratifying because someone traveled a long distance to see you and you can’t help but appreciate all their time, effort and just their interest.

    It’s terrifying because there’s more than one delicate, complex, online construct at risk here.

    I happen to feel comfortable with my online perceptions of other people and I don’t want to take a chance my perceptions will be blown up and generally spoiled.

    There’s also the matter of my own delicate, complex online construct. I don’t want it blown up and spoiled either.

    Of course there’s no rule that says physically meeting people is going to be a negative experience but why take the chance?

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m ambivalent on this subject.

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