Blood-spattered weapons cache turns out to be 13,000 years old

This is the only camel we have left in New Mexico

Landscapers excavating for a koi pond in Boulder, Colo., found a cache of blood-spattered weapons and tools, but instead of calling the police, they summoned an archaeologist from the University of Colorado, six blocks from the site.

Douglas B. Bamforth initially thought the stone implements might have been a few hundred years old, but further studies showed that they were left behind about 13,000 years ago, making them one of only two caches of tools from that period known to exist, the university announced. The other cache was found in Washington state.

An analysis by anthropologist Robert Yohe of Cal State Bakersfield showed that the blood came from horses, sheep, bears and a now-extinct camel — the first time a camel’s blood has been found on such a tool…

The find was made in May, but was not announced until the blood was analyzed.

I can’t help but be curious about these goodies. I live across the valley from the southern half of the Caja del Rio mesa. When the original stagecoach road was built out from El Camino Real [Mexico City to Santa Fe], a series of fossilized camel tracks was discovered.

I can just picture those critters wandering through my neighborhood.

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