Cricket attack survivor condemns Pakistan security

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Daylife/Reuters Pictures

Chris Broad, the former England batsman turned match referee who escaped unhurt from the commando-style ambush on the Sri Lankan cricket squad, voiced his anger today at the failures of the Pakistan security forces.

Broad…castigated Pakistan for not providing the “presidential-style security” that had been promised. He accused the security services of fleeing from the attack and leaving the match-officials van as “sitting ducks”

He also refuted reports that he had been a hero and had helped to save the life of the Pakistani umpire Ahsan Raza, who remains in a critical condition in a Lahore hospital. “I wasn’t a hero, I was lying on the van floor,” he said.

Although still unaware of reports that Pakistan had been forewarned of a potential terrorist attack, Broad’s anger was palpable.

“After the incident there was not a sign of a policemen anywhere,” he said. “They had clearly gone, left the scene and left us to be sitting ducks. I am extremely angry that we were promised high-level security and in our hour of need that security vanished and we were left open to anything that the terrorists wanted.

I am extremely fortunate to be here today. Questions need to be asked of Pakistan security. They promised security and it wasn’t there when we needed it.

RTFA. A tale of undisciplined and incompetent Pakistan security forces. The survivors are lucky the thugs who attacked weren’t thorough. I wouldn’t trust Pakistan police with guarding cheese from an aardvark.

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