Mexican troops enter drug war inside Ciudad Juarez

Daylife/Reuters Pictures

More than 1,500 Mexican troops have moved into a city on the US border being fought over by rival drug gangs. Soldiers moved into Ciudad Juarez to try to regain control of a city in which more than 2,000 people have been murdered over the past year.

Officials say they intend to have 7,000 troops and police in position by the end of the week.

Rival gangs are battling for control of the city, which is a key entry point for drug smuggling into the US.

Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora said the troops were there in support of the local authorities. “Ciudad Juarez worries us deeply,” he said in an interview with Reuters news agency. “It is the reason why there is a response by the federal government to support the request of local authorities. Public safety is a shared responsibility among the federal, state governments and municipalities.”

At the moment, I’m worrying and waiting to hear from kin who are on the way back home from the Sea of Cortez. With a group of retirees, they’re traveling in a convoy of 5th-wheelers, hoping the effect of the group will keep them safely back over the border.

Yes, I tried to convince them not to go in the first place. They headed down for a few extra weeks of warmth – just before the U.S. government began cautioning travelers.

And who the hell ever listens to me? 🙂

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