Brit writes iPhone app in bedroom

Since the launch of Apple app store, the number of applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch has boomed. There are now 15,000 different applications which have been downloaded more than 500 million times.

But the success of these apps is not just limited to Apple. For people like Simon Oliver from east London, it has changed their lives forever.

The 31-year-old said: “I’d been looking to make games for consoles or handhelds for a while but for platforms like PSP and Nintendo DS there are a lot of restrictions as to who can make games for them. When Apple announced they’d allow anyone to make applications for them I jumped at the chance.”

In March 2008 Simon Oliver sat down at his computer in his bedroom and started developing an application that would turn into the game Rolando.

The demo then attracted the attention of a software company in America.

It’s been an amazing success, beyond my wildest expectations,” he said. “When I started working on the game my goal was to sell several thousands copies, but it’s already sold hundreds of thousands and is still selling…It’s great when you hear about your own work spreading around the world…”

Go ahead. Tempt me! Isn’t it bad enough I’m involved with a couple of blogs, eh?

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