Blair urged to ‘reconsider’ job

Lord Levy has told the BBC he thinks Tony Blair should consider whether to continue his job as an envoy for the Middle East Quartet.

The former prime minister’s ally said he should examine if he had “the time and tools” to help the peace process. He said he should think about what his role was “precisely” going to be.

Asked if he thought Mr Blair should step down, Lord Levy said: “As a friend I would say to him, do you feel you have the time, do you feel you have the tools, to really make a difference in this arena?

“And if you do, then what are you going to do and how are you going to go about it?”

Lord Levy said if there were not enough “ticks in all those boxes” he would advise someone else should take over.

Lord Levy is being way too polite to an incompetent. I’m not certain I would hire Tony Blair as counter help at a chip shop.

What is he best suited for? I’d say “greeter” at a Wal-Mart.

One thought on “Blair urged to ‘reconsider’ job

  1. keaneo says:

    I have one dear old friend that I’d love to sit down and talk this over with. A long-time MP – now retired – and a member of Blair’s cabinet for quite a spell, a good-hearted pol with the peoples’ needs leading his political career, he felt that Blair offered the best possible path to powers and position that could offer the nation real change.

    That’s how it started out. And he was left alone to guide and craft much that will benefit the UK for years to come.

    But, somewhere along the line, Blair’s mysticism, superstition, the ridiculous decision to be Bush’s pimp – derailed the potential dynasty and settled into cronyism and business as usual.

    Of course, that’s all my own view. Surely would love to sit down with a dram or two with an old mate and see how he feels, nowadays.

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