Over a million songbirds slaughtered for expensive snacks in Cyprus


More than 1.1 million songbirds prized as culinary delicacies were illegally slaughtered by trappers in Cyprus in the past year.

Cyprus lies on a key migratory route and bird trapping has been commonplace for years. Trappers use either fine mist nets or sticks dipped in sticky lime. “The figure is an unacceptable toll which ever way you look at it,” said Martin Hellicar, executive manager for Birdlife Cyprus.

Many of the birds are served up as expensive delicacies in local restaurants, even though trapping and consumption is strictly banned, the group said…

About 90 percent of the migratory birds which fly from Europe to warmer climates over Cyprus each year are protected, and also include threatened species…

The birds, known as “ampelopoulia” are served in restaurants for up to five euros apiece. They are normally fried, wrapped in vine leaves to conceal from other possibly disapproving patrons and consumed whole.

Pretty sleazy way to make a buck.

No doubt “tradition” and “skepticism” about endangered species are offered up as rationales by the greedy bastards profiting from the trade.

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