Texas town sued for racist highway robbery

Officials in the tiny east Texas town of Tenaha are accused in a federal lawsuit of stopping African-Americans driving through town and seizing their money and property by threatening them with criminal prosecution — or worse.

Tenaha, Texas, has about 1,000 residents and is about 60 miles southwest of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Among the plaintiffs are two African-Americans who claim they forfeited more than $50,000 under threat of money-laundering charges, and a biracial couple who gave up more than $6,000 after officials threatened to put their children in foster care. No one was charged with a crime.

The lawsuit…has 10 plaintiffs, said attorney Timothy Garrigan, one of the attorneys. But he told CNN Wednesday that “we get more inquiries every day.” Attorneys are seeking class-action status for the suit, he said.

The suit names as defendants Tenaha’s mayor and deputy city marshal, plus several Shelby County officials, including the district attorney. It alleges that the officials “have developed an illegal ‘stop and seize’ practice of targeting, stopping, detaining, searching and often seizing property from apparently non-white citizens and those traveling with non-white citizens…”

You’d think this crap would have ended decades ago. When I lived in the Deep South the rule of thumb was you only had to be a backwoods sheriff for 2 years to make enough money to retire on.

Looks like some of these fumblebutts are still at it.

8 thoughts on “Texas town sued for racist highway robbery

  1. raycar says:

    Crooked cops always have some law behind their illegal actions. Does the Mayor really think a loop hole in the law is going to be embraced as meaning these actions are not a planned crime? He cannot possibly be that stupid. No one is going to see this as anything but an attempt to rob people through a legal loop hole. Hang them all. – raycar – San Jose, CA

  2. Fedup says:

    Then you see cops on these blogs demanding respect because they feel it is their due. When they earn respect they can have it. NOT until they earn it.

  3. Texan says:

    This is typical East Texas trash. Teneha is on the same longitudinal line as Vidor, TX a well know stronghold for the KKK. Makes me sick

    • Cindy says:

      Interesting response. Beaumont is closer to Vidor than Tenaha. You seem like an intelligent person so wanted to enlighten and also, this story reads as if they police in this town are only stoping cars driven by African American, right? This article being pushed all over the internet is WRONG! Facts, so you want show any more unreal intelligence. There is a two man police force both are African American officers! Fact, both have almost 30 years of law enforcement experience. You are allowed to take articles from drug dealers / they have 30 days to get their money back; but most are so eager to have not gone to jail! They don’t ask for it! Also, if you do not believe. Look at Tenaha, call and ask for the police chief. I bet you want!

      • moss says:

        Cindy – none of the folks being sued would respond to questions from major newspapers in Chicago or Los Angeles. Why would you think they would answer a question from some dude in the Southwest?

        I know Eideard well enough to know he’s checked out everything available in print – on the Web.

        I know that his time in the South equals a lot of mine – and even big city time teaches folks about Brother Blue. If you’re tight with the two coppers in Tenaha, ask them what folks on the street think about the honesty of Brother Blue?

  4. chilynsha says:

    Bossier Parish does the same thing only they use their courts too. Only mistake this mayor and police department did wrong is forget to buy the judge and make it all official.

  5. Cindy says:

    Moss you might ought to pick up the phone yourself you will find out the following. 1. This is happening for the following reason, an officer had a stop relationship with a council members daughter, dumped her and she has been trying to make trouble every since. Documented in the local Tenaha/Timpson newspapers 2. I am not tight with the officers I am a transplan who lives here now. 3. I saw if you can dial long distance call ask about Suzie, her being dumped and the witch hunt her mom has been on since 4. People were encouraged to file lawsuits by that individual 5. Rangers have investigated all these allegations and found them to be untrue. 6. There is always two sides to every story. Some times new media can get things wrong if you respect this individual tell him to call Shelby County today to get the real facts!

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