Bow hunt suggested for pork in George Bush Park

Daylife/AP Photo by Billy Higinbotham

Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack has a problem with hungry hogs. Houston has a problem with hungry people. If Radack gets his way, hundreds of pounds of pork soon could be hitting the needy’s tables.

Radack plans to allow a few select bowhunters to begin targeting the thousands of feral pigs that live in George Bush Park and hopes to donate the meat to food banks, churches, homeless shelters or even needy individuals.

If you could harness this, it could feed so many people it’s unbelievable,” Radack said…

Off-duty county employees have been allowed to trap hogs at the park for more than a decade, and they typically remove about 300 to 400 every year, McMahan said. The trappers are responsible for removing the hogs and have been allowed to keep the meat.

Radack estimated there are between 10,000 and 15,000 hogs living in the park…The 7,800-acre park is part of the Barker Reservoir, which the federal government created in the 1940s to control flooding. Floods within the park typically help curb the hog population, but dry weather in recent years has allowed the herd to grow unabated.

Sounds like such a useful project that I’ll skip the jokes about Texas politicians.

9 thoughts on “Bow hunt suggested for pork in George Bush Park

  1. LP says:

    Since the food bank has said they have a problem accepting the meat why not give it to the starving dogs in Houston’s Corridor of Cruelty?

  2. Don Corker says:

    Ooops! Here’s an update I found on this website:

    I guess the “bow hunt” is off the agenda. But; how about voluntary trapping. If I could get permission, I would place my trap where the Park Rangers wanted it & take only some of the meat while donating the rest. That includes transporting the live pig(s) to where-ever the State Certified meat processor is located.

    [edit: Don, I recopied your update to my own comment up above – and edited it straight to the Hog update – thanks much]

  3. Mike says:

    “Feral pigs cost the U.S. $1.5 billion dollars every year. But wild pigs aren’t just endangering wildlife and native plants. The animals are threatening the livelihood of a longtime ranching community in Otero County (N.M.).” (7/4/14)
    BTW: N.M. has an open season on Feral hogs with no bag limit or license requirements – see
    “How a plan to kill every wild pig in New Mexico earned across-the-board support – and why it appears to be working” (7/30/13)

    • Update says:

      A woman caring for an elderly couple was found dead outside their home in rural Texas early Sunday after she was attacked by wild hogs, according to officials. The fatal attack is one of the few deaths to occur as an explosion in the population of feral hogs, an invasive species, causes widely reported destruction around the United States, and particularly in Texas.
      The term “feral hog” may refer to Eurasian wild boars, escaped domesticated hogs, and hybrids of the two. There are now 6 million of them in at least 39 states, and they are “rapidly expanding,” according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
      The pigs consume 3% to 5% of their body weight each day and are estimated to cause close $2.5 billion in damages yearly in the U.S.

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