Casting call for murderers – gets the real thing

A judge locked up killer Clifton Bloomfield for 195 years, but now the multiple murderer is out–on video–in a movie role he filmed between homicides.

Bloomfield described himself as trustworthy and reliable a year and a half ago when casting director David Córdova was auditioning extras for the Sony Pictures movie ” Felon ” starring Steven Dorff and New Mexico resident Val Kilmer.

And he got the movie role he was seeking playing a convict in a violent prison drama. He already had killed two people, and a month after “Felon” wrapped he resumed his real-life killing spree.

“We’re expecting actors to come to our casting calls,” Córdova told KRQE News 13. “I’m not expecting the real thing to come through. I don’t think anybody else was actually aware that we had cast a mass murderer on the film.”

Córdova says he can’t afford to background check the thousands of background actors he uses but he wishes he could.

Now serving five life sentences Bloomfield won’t be auditioning for any more movies after being cast in the permanent role of a prison inmate.

Unless, of course, someone in the prison system does something really stupid like let him out by mistake. It happens here.

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