Economic crisis opens the door to West Europe for Chinese cars

Geely Panda sells for sub-$4000 in China

Business leaders attending a logistics conference in Bremen saidthat the global economic crisis might bring opportunities for Chinese cars to enter the Western European market.

Tong Zhiyuan, chairman of Chinese carmaker Huatai, said that because the purchasing power of most European families was affected by the economic crisis, some European countries have encouraged the purchase of low-emission cars, which is “favorable” for Chinese automakers…

In February, the German government introduced an incentive policy, which stipulates that car buyers can get 2,500 euros (around 3,200 U.S. dollars) in refunds from the state if they replace their old cars aged nine years or above.

[Folks in the U.S. tried to get something similar into the Stimulus Bill. Failed – courtesy of Congressional Republicans]

However, Fank Schnelle, a manager from Bremen-based BLG, a logistic giant providing solutions for Chinese carmakers Cherry, Brilliance Auto and Jili, was not so optimistic.

Schnelle said that Chinese carmakers still need to upgrade their competitiveness in order to enter the Western European market but it is possible for them share a stake in the market in the future.

I was involved with comparable import situations here in the States, decades ago. China has to realize – as the Brits and the French had to learn – that Japanese and German standards of excellence, design and fit shape the mold for the whole world.

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