Give phony info to Homeland Security – here’s your passport!

Daylife/AP Photo

A congressional investigation has exposed gaping holes in security eight years after the September 11 terrorist attacks, a government report says.

An investigator used a false identification to obtain a U.S. passport and then used the passport to get an airline boarding pass and go through an airport security checkpoint, according to the Government Accountability Office…

Individuals with “even minimal counterfeiting capabilities” can obtain genuine U.S. passports, which can be used to travel overseas, open bank accounts and prove U.S. citizenship, the GAO report says.

In the “most egregious” case, it says, the investigator used the Social Security number of a man who died in 1965 to obtain a Social Security card. In another case, he used the Social Security number of a 5-year-old child and obtained a passport, even though his counterfeit documents and application indicated he was 53 years old…

“State and USPS employees did not identify our documents as counterfeit in any of our four tests,” the GAO report says. The State Department “issued a genuine U.S. passport in each case.”

All four passports were issued to the same GAO investigator, under four different names,” it says. The tests occurred between July and December of last year.

Idiots. Absolute idiots. Homeland Insecurity is the least competent crew thought up by the federal government this side of Congress.

One thought on “Give phony info to Homeland Security – here’s your passport!

  1. Jack Flannigan says:

    Once again another government procedure shot down in flames. How long, how many times have we seen this. What an absolute joke, this entire system of checks is worthless. And yet we pay and pay for this rubbish which actually accounts for nothing. Seems to be all smoke and mirrors with no substance. Will we ever learn?

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