Teen burglar confesses. Bureaucrats refuse to let Sheriff arrest him!

A 14-year-old alleged serial burglar — whose friends even placed orders for specific items — told Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputies he “needs to be in jail” because he “feels a rush when he enters a home,” according to a police report…

So far, the boy has admitted to about 80 residential burglaries in the city and county of Santa Fe during the last year, as well as others in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, Sheriff Greg Solano said. Preliminarily, it appears the boy — in conjunction with up to four other juveniles — stole approximately 40 flat-screen televisions, 30 guns, seven ounces of cocaine and $10,000 in cash, as well as an unspecified number of iPods and laptop computers, he said.

“It will easily be in the tens of thousands of dollars,” Solano said.

But despite the boy’s admissions of guilt, he has not been arrested and, thus, was not identified by the Sheriff’s Department. The Juvenile Probation Office declined to authorize the boy’s arrest because he didn’t score highly enough on the office’s point scale, which is used to determine if a juvenile should be incarcerated, Solano said.

“The point system is geared toward violent crime,” he said. “And they don’t consider burglary a violent crime.”

Solano, however, said he does consider burglary a violent crime because it can turn violent if a resident is home at the time of the intrusion. Also, burglary victims often feel violated, he said.

Asked if he thinks the boy will continue to break into houses, Solano said, “Yeah, I do.”

RTFA. Reflect on the loonies in charge of criminal justice for juveniles. Because apparently nothing will be done unless the little shit in question kills someone or is injured in the course of committing a crime.

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