Nokia’s open site, Mosh, is successful – and about to close

To spearhead its push into Internet services, Nokia put users in charge when it opened in 2007 the networking site Mosh, which lets people post anything they want.

Less than two years later the world’s top cellphone maker has decided to put an end to “people power”, killing a site that attracted a wide audience around the globe, unlike most of Nokia’s new fledgling services.

Mosh is a simple website customized for access from any feature phone or smartphone, but it can also be used from a personal computer.

It has been compared by users to the origins of the Internet, where people can access content and share it with others for free.

“We don’t know where it exactly goes and we are not entirely in control,” one of the founders of the site, George Linardos, told Reuters shortly after it was opened…

Like the Internet, Mosh attracted loads of pornographic content, and it also stoked tension between Nokia and record labels, with whom Nokia is in close cooperation for its music offerings.

It was never going to last for ever, I’m surprised that it lasted this long,” says artist Derrick Welsh, who goes by the name “moshing” on the site.

Nokia has been pretty mellow about experimentation. I can’t see too many American tech firms of comparable size being that free and easy. I’ll have to drop by their new sites to see what they’re like – after they’re up and running.

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