Saturn says – “We’re not your father’s Oldmobile”

Of course, that didn’t do a whole boatload of good for Oldsmobile either. Did it?

For the first time since the financial difficulties of General Motors began threatening the company’s existence, a G. M. division will run advertising that addresses the effects of the precarious situation.

A campaign for the Saturn division of the General Motors Corporation, which is now under way, features dealers — known in Saturn-speak as retailers — talking frankly to consumers. The dealers urge potential car buyers not to be deterred from considering Saturn by the problems confronting G. M., the American automotive industry or the economy in general…

Saturn is among four marques, along with Hummer, Saab and Pontiac, that G. M. identifies as not part of its long-range plans for full brand lines. G. M. said last month that Saturn would be phased out by 2012, although the company would consider a plan from dealers or investors for a spinoff of the division.

We know what’s going on in the market,” said Kim McGill, director for advertising and promotions at Saturn in Detroit. “We’re not hiding behind it…we still need to communicate” that Saturn continues to sell a “full portfolio of products…”

IMHO, Saturn represents pretty much everything that’s ever been wrong with GM style and design. They grabbed the lowest common denominator in design spec and matched it to the homeliest designs since the Chrysler Airstream.

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