FDA warns makers of unapproved narcotics

Seeking to remove unapproved drugs from the marketplace, the Food and Drug Administration has ordered nine companies to stop manufacturing narcotics whose therapeutic claims have not been proved.

The FDA’s warning letters notified the companies they may be subject to legal action if they do not stop manufacturing and distributing “prescription unapproved products” that include high-concentrate morphine sulfate oral solutions and immediate-release tablets containing morphine sulfate, hydromorphone or oxycodone.

This action does not include oxycodone capsules. All of these drugs are used for pain relief and are forms of previously approved medications…

If these drugs are not off the market by those deadlines, a company could face seizure of the narcotics and legal action…

The FDA believes Americans have access to plenty of legal narcotics for pain relief and removing these unapproved drugs will not create a shortage.

Anyone remember the FDA standing up on their hind legs like this…oh, say, a couple of years ago?

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