Texas says, “We don’t need no stinking Vista!”


The Texas Senate has overwhelmingly passed a budget that includes a provision that bans Vista being used by the Texas government.

The Texas Senate voted 26-5 to pass the two-year $182.2 billion budget, which included a rider that would ban government agencies from upgrading to Vista unless the agencies get written consent from the legislature.

According to Computerworld, the rider was tacked on by Senator Juan Hinojosa, a Democrat from Allen, who proposed it because “of the many problems reported with Vista.” Computerworld quotes him as adding: “We are not in any way, shape or form trying to pick on Microsoft, but the problems with this particular [operating] system are known nationwide.”

Hinojosa apparently hasn’t even used Vista, according to PC World, but that didn’t stop him from managing to get the rider into the budget. Ignorance, after all, is no hindrance to political fortune — given recent past experience with a certain well-known former Texas governor, it may even be an asset.

If the rider stays – and this becomes Texas law – Microsoft probably isn’t too worried. After all, they’re already working feverishly to replace Vista on the computers of the world on their own. Windows 7.

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