Congressional delegation says normalize Cuba relations – then talk

Daylife/AP Photo

The United States and Cuba should normalize diplomatic relations then sort out their differences, said the head of a delegation of U.S. lawmakers on a visit to Cuba.

“Most of the members of our delegation believe we need to actually normalize relations and then the details of what that means would follow,” Representative Barbara Lee, who is also chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said at a news conference.

The seven member delegation of Democrats, made up mostly of African-American lawmakers, met with Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon and Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez in what Lee said was an effort to improve relations between Washington and the communist-ruled island.

They also toured various Cuban facilities, including a genetic engineering and pharmaceutical complex, and planned to visit churches on Sunday.

The United States is the only country in the hemisphere, other than El Salvador, that does not have normal diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba.

El Salvadoran President-elect Mauricio Funes has announced he will establish both when he takes office in June…

While Obama could ease diplomatic relations with Cuba, lifting the embargo would need congressional approval.

I suppose I have to become accustomed to rational statements [and policies?] coming from members of Congress. This whole change thing may be getting out of hand – if we’re actually supposed to expect our elected officials to start making sense.

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