13-year-old bank robber caught in under an hour


Peoria Illinois police quickly apprehended a 13-year-old boy they said used a handgun to rob South Side Bank on Monday morning.

The robbery occurred about 11:34 a.m. at the bank’s 2119 SW Adams St. location, and by 12:10 the suspect was in custody. The Peoria teen was apprehended in a garage behind a house at 927 S. Louisa St. in South Peoria.

Police combed the area immediately around the bank, looking for a teen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black pants and a red bandana over his face. They also were told that a red dye package, which was placed in a bag of money the suspect took from the bank, had exploded and possibly covered the suspect…

According to Burgess, police eventually located the suspect hiding in the garage near the alley off Louisa. The suspect, who police haven’t identified because he is a juvenile, was hiding behind a couch in the garage at 927 Louisa. His sweatshirt was covered with reddish-colored dye.

After apprehending the suspect, police continued to canvas the neighborhood. Burgess said they were able to locate the gun and money, which the suspect discarded while being pursued.

The little thug will be properly treated as a juvenile offender. Receive some education [I hope] along with time off the streets. And, frankly, I hope he spends some time learning the technical skills required to use a shovel, a broom, maybe even a hammer.

Retraining his brain and body through responsible social, physical activities can be productive – in my experience.

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