N.Y. divorce laws stuck in a 1950’s version of Judeo-Christian Shari’a

Their marriage struck down, their children illegitimate

A 49-year-old New York man says he is hopeful his marital dispute with his first wife will help reform the state’s current divorce laws.

The New York Post said Sunday Matthew Gerber and his second wife, Mari, are hopeful Gerber’s ongoing legal dispute with his first wife, Ingrid, will shed light on possible problems in New York’s divorce laws.

Gerber’s divorce from his first wife was overturned after Ingrid, 54, won a successful appeal of the divorce and effectively made the former couple legally married once again. The appeal also voided Gerber’s second marriage.

New York is currently the only U.S. state without a so-called no-fault law, meaning an individual can only be granted a divorce if they prove their spouse either had an affair, been cruel to them or withheld sex for a year.

Retired judge Sondra Miller told the Post cases like Gerber’s indicate New York needs to implement a no-fault law, which allows divorces to take place without proof of wrongdoing from either side.

Everyone always thinks of New York as the center of progressive, modern politics. After all, New York City is the capitol of the world. True in finance, entertainment and many other fields.

But, that’s New York City. It sits at the southern tip of a state like the rest of the United States. It’s unique history is only so – in the city. Upstate politics is conservative where it’s not reactionary. Politicians still think they’re pandering to 19th Century patrician estates – or truck farmers who hate everything modern except the Interstate Highway system. And they’re still not certain about that.

No Fault divorce exists throughout the country. I hadn’t realized they still live in the 1950’s world of Father Knows Best – in New York – but, obviously they do.

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