FDIC analyst indicted – for bank robbery!

An economist on leave from the federal agency that insures bank deposits has been indicted for allegedly attempting to rob an Independence bank last month.

Jeff W. Walser, 51, worked as regional economist for the Kansas City office of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which protects bank depositors against losses, though not those from robbery. He was on leave at the time of the robbery and will remain on leave until his case his is resolved, said FDIC spokesman Andrew Gray.

He never left the bank and asked to be arrested.

Walser surrendered peacefully and is being held without bond.

He told investigators that he suffered from health problems and was “alone, discouraged and tired of working,” according to court records. He purportedly told authorities that his plan was to be arrested but not tell police that he required thrice-weekly dialysis treatments to survive.

“I wanted to be arrested and I wanted to die,” Walser is quoted as telling interviewers. “But after my arrest, I did not have the will to kill myself.”

Phew! This dude was trying for suicide by cop.

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