Dump your elderly aunt at a shelter – drive on to Disney World

A North Carolina family has come under fire for abandoning their 96-year-old aunt on Sunday at the Manatee County Salvation Army and then heading to Disney World.

The Salvation Army said it agreed to take in Ruth Smith after receiving a call from her niece, Beverly Edwards, who seemed anxious to drop off Smith. “They (the family) said they could not wait to get back in the car,” said Ashley Butler of Aging Safely. A judge has appointed Butler as Smith’s guardian.

Butler said she talked to Edwards by phone at Disney on Wednesday. “She did not ask me once how she was doing,” Butler said. “She was more upset about the fact that it was raining at Disney.”

Butler described Edwards, a foster mom from Asheville, as nonemotional when explaining it cost too much to care for Smith and that the family needed Smith’s room.

“Last winter they had to spend $300 a month to keep the house warm because she’s always cold,” Butler said. “And they had a niece who graduated from college and needed Ruth’s room, and she could help care for the foster children.”

Granny dumping is as sleazy as any miserable low-life practice. Dumping a family member on charity because they’re in the way of your holiday is as despicable as it gets.

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