iPhone Art Graces Cover of New Yorker Magazine

Jorge Colombo brings a whole new meaning to finger painting. This week’s cover of The New Yorker magazine features a digital painting created by artist Jorge Colombo with his iPhone and the Brushes application.

If you saw him on the sidewalk, cradling an iPhone in his hand, you’d think he was texting a friend or e-mailing his wife. But pull in a little closer and you’ll see something else.

Lively street corners. Graceful silhouettes. New York City skyscrapers stretching past the clouds.

All captured by a fingertip dancing across an iPhone screen.

Although Colombo’s work is among the more visible pieces of iPhone art, thousands of people around the world use the $4.99 Brushes application to create digital images.

Steve Sprang, the application’s developer estimates that, since he launched Brushes in August 2008, about 40,000 people around the world have downloaded the program.

Not only brilliant and tasteful work – I knew it would have to be a New Yorker cover right from first sight.

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