Ten mayors, gaggle of police chiefs arrested in Mexico drug war

Busload of Michoacan mayors and police chiefs arriving at a lockup in Mexico City
Daylife/Getty Images used by permission

Mexican troops have rounded up 10 mayors and a string of police chiefs suspected of links to drug gangs in a western state, one of the biggest single corruption sweeps in the government’s drug war.

Soldiers burst into police stations and town halls to arrest 27 public officials in Michoacan, the home state of President Felipe Calderon and the place he launched his army-led assault on drug cartels in late 2006.

The officials included a judge and a former police chief who is an aide to the state governor. The attorney general’s office said all were suspected of links to drug smugglers…

Small towns in marijuana-growing Michoacan are under siege from rival cartels who want control of rural outposts along smuggling corridors, stretching the army in sparsely inhabited mountains that hide drug plantations and laboratories.

Local officials and police are often bribed or terrorized into helping the well-armed gangs that move billions of dollars of narcotics into the United States every year.

The town of Uruapan, where the mayor was arrested on Tuesday, made headlines early in the drug war in 2006 when hitmen dumped five human heads on the dance floor of a bar.

Seems like fewer differences between Iraq and Mexico every day. I’m surprised some of the neocons haven’t yet suggested invading.

I mean some of the “official” neocons. The real nutballs suggest invading damned near everyone, everywhere, on a daily basis.

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