Protestors against Electronic Arts new game – working for EA

Electronic Arts has been playing games with attendees of the nation’s biggest video-game trade show.

The game publisher hired a group of nearly 20 people to stand outside the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on Wednesday and appear to protest the upcoming EA game “Dante’s Inferno.” EA spokeswoman Holly Rockwood says the stunt was arranged by a viral marketing agency hired by EA.

The group claimed to be protesting the third-person action game – loosely based on Dante Aligheri’s poem “Divine Comedy” – because they said the game glorified eternal damnation.

The fake religious protesters passed out pamphlets and held up picket signs with messages such as “Hell is not a Video Game” and “Trade in Your PlayStation for a PrayStation.”


15 thoughts on “Protestors against Electronic Arts new game – working for EA

  1. nugget says:

    Yeah, unless you know it’s a joke it would be real annoying to have waded through that crowd. And it makes religion look bad not EA look counter culture.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this sounds like an angry atheist trying to make other, more reasonable atheists sound stupid by having stupid fucking conspiracy theories…

    since when was it acceptable to support a news article by linking to an identical copy of the same article? every god damn webpage posted the same text clip with absolutely NO SUPPORTING EVIDENCE…this isnt reporting…its called bullshiting. i do it all the time, i just dont get paid to shovel it down peoples fucking throats

    • keaneo says:

      If you weren’t just passing through on some dweeb rant, you’d know that “god” is a regular here – as well as a couple other tech sites including the “big blog” where Eideard is a senior contributing editor.

      Next week, I’ll explain “diarist” to you.

    • god says:

      I guess this is what the “new atheism” is about – treating a simple question of belief or non-belief like a sectarian hangup.

      I get requests to become involved in one or another of these groups and I suppose that’s a positive sign of people finally becoming well enough educated in science to reject superstition. Since I haven’t been reticent about my atheism in what are to me more critical areas of social and political struggle – for over a half-century, now – I guess the invites accrue with time in grade. 🙂

      For myself, philosophical materialism – especially including the last couple milleniums of dialectics – is more relevant to understanding the real world. But, simple belief in reality ain’t a bad start.

      Getting strung out in sectarian discussion is, however, absurd. Not understanding the humor in naming oneself as a lower-case “god” is clueless.

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