Yokels afraid of satellites, airplanes, who knows what else?

“I guess an fear!”

One is an assemblyman in California; the other a piano tuner in Pennsylvania.

But when they independently looked at online aerial imagery of nuclear power plants and other sites, they had the same reaction: They said they feared that terrorists might be doing the same thing.

Now, both have launched efforts to try to get Internet map services to remove or blur images of sensitive sites, saying the same technology that allows people to see a neighbor’s swimming pool can be used by terrorists to chose targets and plan attacks.

“It is disturbing to me that terrorists can now perform considerable surveillance without visiting the targeted site,” piano tuner and nuclear watchdog Scott Portzline wrote in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano…

Joel Anderson, a member of the California Assembly, has more expansive goals. He has introduced a bill in the state Legislature that would prohibit “virtual globe” services from providing unblurred pictures of schools, churches and government or medical facilities in California. It also would prohibit those services from providing street-view photos of those buildings.

“It struck me that a person in a tent halfway around the world could target an attack like that with a laptop computer,” said Anderson, a Republican legislator who represents San Diego’s East County. Anderson said he doesn’t want to limit technology, but added, “There’s got to be some common sense.”

The average ignoramus always seems to think “common sense” dictates fear of every technology they peer at for the first time – even if it’s been around for decades.

I get a special chuckle over Anderson’s quivering over a terrorist in a tent halfway around the world ready to “target an attack…with a laptop computer”. This presumes a broadband connection to that tent, I guess.

This has been the mantra of every cowardly conservative inquisitor since the days of Mercator and Galileo. It’s just especially laughable coming from a local yokel who presumes expertise in terror attacks – even though he just discovered Google Earth. The overwhelming benefit and services provided by public access to the technology means nothing – to his timorous heart.

If I was a voter in Anderson’s assembly district, I’d worry more about whatever else he probably hasn’t yet discovered.

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