3 thoughts on “Brave Texas copper tasers 72-year-old great-grandma

  1. markparker says:

    It’s a wonder he didn’t send her into cardiac arrest. Truly unbelievable. All he had to do was remove her keys from the ignition and allow her to return to her car, where she could remain until a social worker showed up to talk her down.

  2. Cinaedh says:

    I dunno about this one.

    Do you suppose he was crazy before they hired him, then gave him a badge, a gun and a Taser or do you suppose he became crazy after a certain number of year on the job?

    In either circumstance, I think the old babe was lucky he didn’t fill her full of lead.

  3. Morey says:

    Then of course the nutballs will point out that she was uncooperative, as they ask us to accept that the cop had only two choices– tase her or do nothing.

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