Latest war gadget – a robot snake

A robot snake with a camera and microphone in its head is the Israeli military’s latest battlefield weapon, according to an Israeli TV report broadcast this week.

Channel 2 showed video of the snake twisting into caves, tunnels, cracks and buildings, broadcasting pictures and sound back to a soldier controlling it with a laptop computer.

The “snake” appeared to be about two metres long.

Covered by fabric in military camouflage colours, it slithered along the ground and climbed rocks, its segments connected with joints that flexed in several different directions…

The report said no price has been determined for the snake, which is in the experimental stage, but the Israeli military plans to deploy the robot with combat units. No target date was given.

The report suggested another role for the robot – carrying a bomb to blow up militants or a building. In that case, Channel 2 said, it would be a “suicide snake.”

I want one of these. My wife and I are snake fans as it is – especially gopher snakes. If you’ve ever tried to garden somewhere that has pocket gophers you know why.

Arm one of these critters with a custom .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol – not really a difficult task – and “Bingo” – you can hunt pocket gophers underground.

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