Massive DNA search for killer rapist in London

Michelle Samaraweera’s sister appeals for help

An unprecedented DNA sweep of residents in 9,000 homes has been launched by detectives in a desperate race to catch a murderer and serial rapist who strikes towards the end of each month.

In a huge operation murder squad detectives have been drafted in from all over London to help complete the canvassing of houses within a 3.4 mile-wide perimeter in Walthamstow, east London.

Senior commanders know it will take at least a month to take a DNA swab from every male matching the description of the attacker and fear another woman will be attacked within days.

The rapist has assaulted at least three women, murdering his last victim and leaving her in a children’s playground.

All men that fit the description of the attacker are being asked to voluntarily give a mouth swab. If they refuse they face further investigation.

Detective Superintendent Vic Rae, from the Homicide and Serious Crime command, who is leading the hunt, said: “This guy has attacked three women in three months and we have got to do everything within our powers to apprehend him before he strikes again. Our concern is that he will strike again before the end of the month.”

RTFA. Stark, scary, provoking a massive police action throughout this community.

The discussion can and should open up to all the relevant questions of civil liberties: Will the coppers destroy unneeded DNA samples? How much time will be spent on the uncooperative?

But, Issue Number 1 remains the task of catching this thug.

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