Gold heist at Canadian mint suspected – if they only knew when?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has been asked to look into how $19 million of gold bullion came to be unaccounted for at the national mint.

It was discovered last October that 17,500 troy ounces of gold appeared to be missing at the mint in Ottawa. At that time, the Royal Canadian Mint arranged for an independent review by the accounting firmDeloitte & Touche.

The mint issued a statement Monday saying the discrepancy “does not appear to relate to an accounting error in the reconciliation process, an accounting error in the physical stock count schedules or an accounting error in the record keeping of transactions during the year”…

In a joint statement Monday night, Transport Minister John Baird and Minister of State for Transport Rob Merrifield were scornful.

The mint’s still unexplained loss of precious metals is inexcusable,” the statement said. “The mint will be held accountable.”

The government said the mint will be required to report on inventory of all precious metals on a quarterly basis. Additionally, all bonuses payable to executives are being withheld until the investigation is completed.

How the frack do you not manage to notice that $19 million in gold has gone missing? This comic opera routine has been going on long enough for Sarah Palin to give birth one more time.

Does anyone check who’s walking out the door with what?

One thought on “Gold heist at Canadian mint suspected – if they only knew when?

  1. keaneo says:

    Sounds like the old Brooklyn Navy Yard special – walking out the gate with a wheelbarrow full of sand – which gets poked and prodded but there’s nothing in with the sand.

    Because the guy was stealing wheelbarrows and sand.

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