Serial killer was on FBI payroll as a snitch

Serving time for lesser crimes, Scott Kimball is leading investigators to bodies.

Partly mummified bones thought to be those of his uncle, Terry Kimball, were discovered Monday in a remote Rocky Mountain pass near Vail, Colorado. DNA tests are pending to confirm the victim’s identity, and the cause of death is pending a forensic examination.

Terry Kimball is one of several suspected homicide victims associated with Scott Kimball since his jailing in 2008. He is serving a 48-year sentence in state prison in Fairplay, Colorado, on theft and habitual criminal convictions.

Kimball will also serve a 70-month federal sentence on firearms charges after the state sentence. The firearms charges led to Kimball’s 18th conviction.

Sources with knowledge of the cases said Kimball’s December 2008 plea to theft and habitual criminal charges, and the 48-year sentence, was part of a deal that included revealing the locations of the bodies. Authorities wanted to give victims’ families resolution. Without his cooperation, authorities doubt they have enough evidence to convict him…

Kimball drew the FBI’s attention in 2002 while jailed for writing bad checks. Kimball offered authorities information about his cellmate, Steven Ennis, who was suspected in a drug ring, according to the 2007 affidavit. The FBI arranged Kimball’s release and began paying him as an informant.

Kimball was supposed to report back to the FBI on Jennifer Marcum, Ennis’ former girlfriend, when she disappeared.

The FBI would not reveal how long or how much Kimball was paid. He was arrested again in March 2006 near Palm Springs, California, after a police chase and standoff.

Just the kind of creep you want to feed you information about his peers. You know, the ones who aren’t killing their friends, relatives and neighbors.

Where’s Mandy Patinkin when you need him?

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